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Creature Features: Twenty-Five Animals Explain Why They Look the Way They Do

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Publish Date: 2014-10-07

Binding: Hardcover

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Dearaxolotl: Why do you have feathers growing out of your head?
Axolotl: They aren't feathersthey're gills! They let me breathe underwater.

Let's face it. Even as babies, we humans pay close attention to faces. Observing another person's features and expressions tells us whether they are happy, angry, excited, or sad. And when we look at an animal, it's hard not to imagine that its face is communicating human feelings. This isn't true, of course. Squinty eyes, an upturned mouth, or another odd expression is probably there because, in some way, it helps that animal survive.
Packed with many coolfacts and visuals on where certain animals live and what they eat, this book capturestwenty-fivehumorousand very trueexplanations of why animals look the way they do in order to exist in this world.

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